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Do you live in a property that doesn’t suit your needs?

Well, apparently, you are in the majority according to a recent study by Zoopla.

The study by Zoopla looked at all kinds of facts and figures but the one that stood out to us was that just over half of all British homeowners (52%) live in a house that doesn’t meet their needs.

We find this quite staggering really and would really like to know, if this is you, what isn’t working for you?

  • The kitchen isn’t big enough to accommodate your dreams of becoming an amateur baker
  • You need an extra bathroom because your daughter is now a teenager
  • Your family is outgrowing the available space, or
  • Your family has flown the nest and now you have too much space
  • Now that you are working from home more, you really need a home office space (the dining room table just doesn’t cut it any more)

So why are people staying in properties that are unsuitable for their requirements? Naturally there are a whole host of reasons, maybe you fall in to one of these categories:

  • Personal or health reasons
  • Affordability
  • You are so busy that they don’t stop to think about it
  • You are happy in your home, even though it isn’t quite right
  • You aren’t sure if you can move an don’t want to waste anyone’s time

You are never wasting our time.

We had a client recently that had a real whirlwind sale. They openly admitted that they had been thinking about moving for a couple of years but didn’t think that they would be able to move. Their hand was eventually forced when a property they loved became available, so they spoke to their mortgage advisor and had us round for a valuation and discovered that they could comfortably move.

This made us realise that there must be plenty of people out there that probably want to move but don’t know if they can but are too worried about asking for advice, just in case they can’t proceed and don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

I almost find it sad that as an industry, with so many corporate companies being target driven and pressure selling that the public are worried about calling us and wasting our time (or worried about us trying to pressure them to sell).

As an estate agent, we are here to provide you a service and one of those services is to provide you with a valuation of your most valuable asset. We (and our mortgage broker friends too) are also here to provide you with advice and assist you with your onward purchase if we can.

So, don’t sit there and put off getting your house valued because you are worried you cannot move. The worst case scenario is that you cannot move, but between us and the mortgage broker, we may well be able to give you advice on how to get yourself in a position to move in the very near future.

Of course, you may well be pleasantly surprised to find out that you are in a position to move and can start looking for your dream home.

Don’t be stuck in a house that isn’t working for you, call us, our valuations and advice are always free.


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