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How to deal with the pressure of buying & selling

Moving house is widely acknowledged as one of the most stressful things that you can do in your life. We have said it before and we will say it again, it really doesn’t have to be.

Here are 6 tips to help you stay positive and keep the stress at bay during the buying and selling process.

  1. Stay Organised
  2. Take Notes
  3. Seek help from your team of professionals
  4. Keep your usual routines
  5. Look for the Humour
  6. Stay Positive.

Stay Organised

Now is the time to sort through important documents to find the ones you will require for the current property and those for the new property too.

It is best to keep all of your ‘house’ papers in the same place, a folder of any sorts would be great, or a lidded box would be ideal too.

With more and more communication coming via email, we also suggest setting up a folder within your inbox specifically for all your purchase and sale emails. This way if you need to refer back to one, it will be easier to find.

Take Notes

Keep your notes together. There is nothing worse than having little scraps of paper all over the place and not being able to find where you put it, on top of the chaos of the move. So why not invest in a small notebook that you can carry with you.

This is especially important to make notes on the properties you have viewed as a buyer, or equally, to note all of the upcoming viewings you have as a seller.

Seek help from your team of professionals

This one will depend on who you have instructed to work on your behalf. There are plenty of ‘budget professionals’ that do a basic job but don’t give much advice or service.

If you have instructed a ‘good professional’, don’t ever be afraid of asking for help and advice, after all, that is what you are paying them for. This includes your Estate Agent, Mortgage Advisor and Solicitor. Their job is to make this whole process easier so never be afraid to ask for help, if they can’t assist you, they should have enough experience to point you in the right direction!

Don’t forget to keep your usual routines

Don’t forget that you still need your rest, healthy foods, exercise and time to relax. This goes for you and all of your household members. It is really important to not let the process dominate your life and this is not a good time to get sick, so take care of yourself.

Look for the Humour

It’s not what happens, its how you deal with it that can matters. This was shown by a story we were heard when a vendors’ husband had accidentally packed up all of her shoes, every last pair, and sent them to storage.

At the time, she was in another part of the house in her bare feet and hadn’t realised what her husband had done. Come the next morning as she was getting ready to leave for work (in the winter) she realised what had happened. This could have ruined her whole day but she saw the funny side and at least she had socks. Remember “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.

Stay Positive

Sometimes this will be easier said than done. But don’t forget, moving is an adventure, try not to get bogged down with the smaller stuff and think of the bigger picture. Try to remember how good you will feel when you have made that move and focus on your future.

Always look for the good in each situation.

If you would like any further advice, just give us a call on 01472 514060 and ask for James or Dawn.

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